01     Welcome to the community of BE graduate students at MIT



02    Our goals

  • Represent graduate student views and interests to the department faculty and the Institute.
  • Take appropriate actions to ensure graduate student views and interests are represented by the department.
  • Maintain and improve graduate student life within the department.
  • Act as liaisons between the graduate students, the undergraduates, the faculty, administration, and the Institute.
  • Promote the unification of the department through social events, academics, and outreach.


03    Our leadership

Department Leadership

Doug Lauffenburger , Department Chair    |     Angela Belcher, Assistant Department Chair

Forest White, Graduate Program Chair     |    Christopher Voigt, Graduate Admissions Chair


Student Leadership

Sarah Bening and Amanda Facklam, BE Graduate Student Board Coordinators

Check out our entire board of student leaders!


04    For current students

We want to know what you are up to! If you have published in a journal, presented at a conference, won fellowship awards, volunteered at a local school, anything you are proud of – we want to recognize you and your accomplishments. Fill out the form on the contact form for current students.